Data Collection

We provide Data Collection solutions using a combination of the following services:

Primary Research Data Collection

Our extensive experience in Market Research Data Collection coupled with the use of the latest survey technologies enables us to field studies that exceed the highest level of quality. We leverage our offshore-based delivery model to provide our clients with solutions that are both scalable as well as cost-effective.

We conduct various kinds of Market Research studies including:

           » Customer/Employee Satisfaction surveys
           » Needs Assessment surveys
           » Market Assessment surveys
           » Baseline and Trending studies
           » Brand Image and Awareness studies
           » Opinion Polls
           » CLTs & Clinics

Mail Based Data Collection

This methodology is suitable for reaching hard to contact and mass targets, and can provide a cost savings from traditional data collection methods. Specific activities include:

           » Questionnaire Proofing
           » Survey Localization and Translation
           » Printing and Fulfillment
           » Data Entry
           » Analysis

Face to Face Interviews

In countries like India, Apurva Infosystems conducts face to face interviews. We have an extensive setup for conducting face to face interviews in the country, with our teams located at strategic centers.

           » The face to face interviews in India are conducted in Pen & Paper module as well as CAPI.
           » We also conduct CLTs, Clinics and Qualitative studies.

Data Entry

We provide exclusive and highly accurate data in electronic format in both handwritten and printed formats. With state of the art technology and infrastructure, we provide quality data outputs that conform to an accuracy level of 99.9%.

Data Cleaning

Apurva Infosystems has an interactive framework and infrastructure for data cleaning services, which helps us maintain close monitoring and detection of data discrepancies. We ensure that all efforts are taken to fix inaccuracy in the data and any unwanted data is removed at source. The data is sanitized and then checked for accuracy before being sent out to the client in the requested format, which can include SPSS, MS excel, MS Access database, ASCII, etc.

Document Scanning

Apurva Infosystems provides document scanning, indexing, archiving and retrieval services for a wide variety of applications. Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper. Scanned images once properly indexed can also become an electronic file cabinet accessible via a local area network, intranet or internet. We can receive physical documents and send back electronic images of the documents via FTP or on a CD.

Forms Processing

Information in paper form is of little use until it is converted into an electronic format and acted upon. We capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively. We work with a variety of forms including insurance claims, subscriptions and warranty registrations. Regardless of the source, be it paper, faxes, scanned images or electronic data streams, we can extract, perfect and export critical information to a database, workflow, documents and content management systems.